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Welcome to the documentation of the Netrinjo game engine!

About Netrinjo


Netrinjo is a game engine, designed to minimize the programming effort, concerning the basic application development. One should be able to start implementing the game without the need to deal a lot with things that are required in every game: menus, loading data, ....

Furthermore there are classes for networking and the GUI (sound, input, graphics).

Netrinjo's homepage is at .

Overview of abilities


Netrinjo depends on the following libraries:


Netrinjo may be used and distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (version 2.1 or later)


There are two examples of "main.cpp"-files included in this documentation. One uses a class "GameApp" (must be derived from BasicApp) for basic application handling, see An example of a main.cpp-file with a class "GameApp". The other one uses the class XmlApp to manage the basic things (using this method is recommended to minimize programming effort), see An example of a main.cpp-file with the class XmlApp.

General information

Environment variables

The following environment strings are set by the application: When using the method makeEnvPath(), it is simple to specify filenames relative to these data-paths. Example:
Avoid using paths relative to the current working directory, because it can change sometimes.
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